Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Before And After Photo Gallery

Here, you'll find links to repair and restoration projects I've done, showing you what's possible.

Feel free to have a good look around ... enjoy!.

Damaged brown leather couch leather couch refinished

Damaged Leather Couch Refinished

The print colour was wiped off using a cleaner not suitable for leather, exposing the base colour. Photo on the right showing couch after being refinished

Jag seats before refinishing Jag seats after refinishing

Mk2 Jag Seats

Brians Jag was in need of some work in the upholstery department. Before and after photos here ...

Faded waxed oiled leather chair Refinishing waxed oiled leather

Refinishing Faded Waxed Oiled Leather Chair

Dyed leather is not colour fast when in direct sunlight ... see how much the chair has faded? To make it more colour fast and stain resistant, I refinished the chair with a pigmented system. Client was delighted!

Audi leather before refinishing Audi seats finished

Audi Seats

The leather front seats badly needed some TLC. More photos ...

Porsche leather Before Porsche leather After

Porsche Interior

All the leather was stripped out of this car and completely refinished. See the photos here ...

Riley leather Before Riley leather interior

Riley Leather

Mismatched Leather Seats Refinished To Match Original Colour. Have a look at these photos ...

Ferrari Interior Before Ferrari Interior Refinished

Ferrari Interior Refinished

This 1972 Ferrari leather completely refinished to original colour. Here's what I did ...

Old Leather Suite Before Old Leather Suite Rejuvenated

Old Leather Suite Rejuvenated

Here's a 30 year old leather suite I've restored for a local client. Check out the pics ...

cream couches repaired cream couches after

2 Brand New Leather Couches Repaired

These couches were about to be delivered to a client when these deep scuffs were noticed! Have a look at this ...

Black Leather Couch Before Black Leather Couch After

Peeling Leather Finish On Black Chair

Here's a relatively new black chair which the leather finish mysteriously started peeling away. Here's what I did with it ...

Colour Damaged Leather Couch Restored Before Colour Damaged Leather Couch Restored After

Colour Damaged Leather Couch

The finish on this leather couch rubbed off while cleaning up after a small child threw up on it! Have a look at these pics...

Worn out Bentley Leather - before Bentley Leather Restored To Original Condition - before

Restoration Of Leather In 1954 Bentley

Cracked, worn out leather can be a real dissapointment for the owners of these beautiful old classic cars ... but not anymore here's what we did to it...

Cracked, Worn And Torn Leather Suite Before Leather Suite Rejuvenated

Cracked, Worn And Torn Leather Suite Completely Reconditioned

Take one look at this lounge suite and you'd be forgiven in thinking it was well past its 'used-by-date'. But, even leather in this condition can be brought back from the dead! Have a look at this ...

Leather Suite With Antique Finish Worn Off Leather Suite Re-Antiqued

Leather Suite With Antique Finish Worn Off

Here's what often happens to antique (mottled or 2 tone) leather furniture ... the darker top colour wears off exposing the brighter base colour. Looks pretty bad ... but can easily be fixed.

damaged leather couch repaired leather couch

A Damaged Leather Couch Repaired And Refinished

Here's an example of what can be done with faded, damaged leather furniture. This damaged leather couch arrived at my workshop one day. The owner was shifting house and in the process, the movers accidently [ more ...]

leather chesterfield couch before restoration leather chesterfield couch after restoration

Worn Out Leather Chesterfield Couch Restored To Original Condition

A lady brought me this old leather couch and asked if anything could be done with it. She was on her way to the dump, but as a last resort [more ...]

yellow leather chair before yellow leather chair after

Faded Yellow Leather Chair Refinished

This chair arrived with the outside back and outside arms a completely different colour to the original. Two different types of leather were used. One retained the original colour ...[ more ...]

E-type Jag seats before starting E-type Jag seats finished

Restoring And Refinishing E-type Jaguar Leather

Here's a good example of what I can do with faded classic car leather. I received a call from a client I hadn't heard from in 10 years. When I was based in Auckland, I did a lot of work for him but [ more ...]

Bentley seats before Bentley seats after

Restoring Leather Bentley Seats

When the owner of this 1951 Bentley showed me the seats, I recommend some panel replacement. "No, no. I want the cracks to remain and the original patina retained", he said. "I want the [more...]

cracked leather seats - chev chev seats recoloured

Restoring Leather Chev Seats

These old Chev seats were so badly cracked, the clients upholsterer told them that a total recover was the only option. However [more ...]