Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Riley Seats - Leather Refinished To Match
The Original Colour


There is a bit of a story attached to this car. The owner, John, had the front seats retrimmed in new leather. The rear seats didn't look too bad so they were left as they were.

A year or 2 later, it was decided to get the back seats retrimmed but the upholsterer couldn't get the original colour and went ahead with a colour which was 'near enough'.

Disappointed with the results, the mismatched seats were left as they were, feeling somewhat embarassed whenever he showed someone his car.

Several years later, John and I crossed paths and he decided to hitch on his caravan and drive down to my workshop with these removed seats ... and at the same time enjoy a holiday cruising around the South Island with his wife.

What I was to do was completely refinish both front (which were now wearing through) and rear seats to match the original colour so that they blended in with the vinyl trim pieces.

Here's a photo of showing the difference in colour between the leather seating and the vinyl sides. You can see these are 2 completely different colours...

mismatched rear seats

Here's another photo from the drivers side showing how the rear seats are also a completely different colour to the front seats ...

leather different colours

I took this photo in my workshop to show the contrast ...

contrasting leather colour

When John arrived to pick up his seats, he couldn't believe how good they looked! He was pretty excited about getting them back in the car again!

A week later, he emailed me the following photos ...

Here's the refinished seats back in the car once again ...

seat now refitted

A shot from another angle ...

fitted rear seats

... and a close-up to show how the leather and viny matches as it should ...

a close-up showing how the colour now matches

I would say he'd be proud to show off the car now ... don't you think?