Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Want To Have A Go At Making Your Own Leather Look Amazing?

If you are a bit of a DIYer and you'd like to have a go at restoring or maintaining your own leather, then this is for you!

Let me explain ...

Distance Has Stopped Us Doing Business Together

One of the limitations I have living in Timaru, is being unable to provide a service to folks outside my region. As you know, freight costs are crippling. This means that if you live in another part of New Zealand or even in another country for that matter, I can't do anything for you, so you miss out.

It has been suggested that I look at franchising. But, from what I've seen, the only winners here are lawyers and franchisors. On top of that, I personally wouldn't buy a franchise so I can't morally expect others to do what I wouldn't do myself.

So, here's what I've done ...

Here's A Solutions Where Everyone Wins

I've decided to open my doors, allowing anyone who wants to transform their leather into a masterpiece, to have the opportunity to do so … no matter where they live!

No franchises ... no royalties ... no additional fees. You can buy my professional products direct from workshop … plain and simple.

What I've done is put together a website with easy to understand instruction and a full range of leather care, repair and restorations products you can buy online and have delivered to your doorstep. Easy.

You should also know, these are the exact same products I use in professional work ... so they are seriously good!

So, now there is nothing to stop you creating results like the photos I've been showing you on this website.

Also, you will have my support. If you need any help or advice or you are unsure of anything, help, I am here to help.