Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Restoring Leather Bentley Seats

When the owner of this 1951 Bentley showed me the seats, I recommend some panel replacement.

"No, no. I want the cracks to remain and the original patina retained", he said. "I want the leather restored, but I don't want it to look brand new."

Bentley seats before restoration

With those specific instruction, I got to work ... and voila ...

Bentley seats after restoration

When my client came around to pick them up, he was stunned!

In fact, he very kindly sent me the following letter ... thanks Terry.

Dear Paul,
It is now some eight months since the restoration of the leather work in my 1951 Mk VI Bentley and it is appropriate that I should formally acknowledge the work that was done. I decided that it was time for the seats and leather trim in the Bentley, to be restored. I was aware that an English Company provided kits for this to be done however, was unsure as to what the final result may be. The seats were showing serious signs of deterioration, were faded and badly cracked. I realised that they were in need of work but was unsure as to where this could be done.
By chance, it was mentioned that you undertook this kind of work and following my approach to you, I removed all of the seats and trim and left them with you to restore. I was insistent that the 50 year old character of the seats should not be destroyed and that the cracks should if at all possible be retained.
The result of your efforts is to say the least, outstanding. The colour match in particular was exactly that of the original and this only became apparent when I refitted the seats and had occasion to remove the drinks trays. To my surprise, the area behind the trays was leather and there was no noticeable difference between the colour of the restored seats and the area of old leather behind the trays. This was nothing short of remarkable. The restoration was such that the seats whilst new in colour and softness still retained the "old" character that I wanted.
Since the work, I have had several approaches from other vintage and classic car owners. All have commented on the very high standard of workmanship that you have done and the quality of your work is such, that I have had no hesitation in recommending you to them. I would be delighted to endorse your work to prospective clients and would readily make the Bentley available to others to view should they wish to see an example of your work.
I wish you every success for the future.
Kind regards,
TERRY BYRNE, OWNER, B 30 KM (1951 Mk VI Bentley)