Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Leather Repair - Damaged Leather Repaired Like New

Leather repair example - before and after

Does your leather suffer from unsightly damage such as scuffs, scratches cuts etc? Would you like to see how these blemishes can by made to disappear?

Then, let me show you how I repair and restore damaged leather to its original condition, without costing a fortune.

You see, most people take for granted, when leather is damaged in any way, there is virtually no hope of ever getting it back to its original condition.

The good news is, not only can leather damage be fixed and made unnoticeable, but it can be done so, very easily and inexpensively.

Now, over the last 30 years of professionally repairing and restoring leather, I reckon I've seen pretty much every type of leather affliction possible.

Here is a list of the most common types of damage ...

The Most Common Types Of Leather Damage I've Fixed

Now, if your leather is NOT damaged as described above, and more along the lines of faded, discoloured and simply lost its colouring, then this can easily be refinished to its original colour.

Something You Should Know ...

It's important to understand, the finish on your leather is typically a very thin film over the surface. Most minor damage is where the finish or pigmentation has been compromised in some way.

Serious damage, on the other hand, is where the finish and the flesh of the hide has been ripped or torn.

Both of these can be fixed, and I'm going to show you examples of both.

What Is My Repair Process?

For Minor Damage

Repairs involve the use of specials glues, fillers and of course, a custom matched pigmented resin. With these, I can repair most minor damage from scuffs through to deep cat scratches.

For Serious Damage

For the more serious damage such as rips, tears, and burns, I often have an upholsterer replace the offending panels with new leather, which I then custom colour match to blend in with the original. The reason I opt for replacing damaged panels rather than simply using glues, fillers and resins is because the substrate has lost often lost its strength and shape. And, in my experience, this is the best long term solution.

I have seen attempts by others, to glue and fill this sort of damage but the mend doesn't last and the will often look worse that what it did before the attempted patch up.

With that said, let's take a look at some examples ...

Here's A Scuffed Black Leather Couch I Repaired ...

Scuffed couch

A local retailer sent me this damaged couch to be fixed.

He explained that upon arrival from the manufacturer to his store, this reasonable sized scuff mysteriously appeared on one of the edge panels as shown in the first photo.

I set to work with my glues and fillers and then colour matched it to blend in with the original leather ... and the next photo shows the end result.

If you look very closely, you can still see evidence of the repair but to the eye of anyone who didn't originally see the damage, they would never suspect it.

When the retailer arrived to pick up the couch, he was delighted!

Repair couch

And so he should be ... I'd just saved him a lot of time and money.

Repairs Are Made Unnoticeable

One thing I will point out is, I never guarantee totally invisible repair work.

Genuine leather is a natural fibre with scars, tick marks and other natural blemishes.

I always aim for the invisible but if it can't be reached, I will disguise the damage as a natural scar.

And Here's A Large Hole In Red Chair I Fixed ...

Red chair with hole in seat cushion

Now, this photo is a more serious example of the type damage that I've fixed. In fact, it was an insurance claim.

Now, the story goes ... the owner of this chair had a dog which developed an unhealthy appetite for chewing leather. It eventually destroyed this seat cushion.

I must admit, I was bit grossed out by the sight of this!

The owner was certain nothing could be done about it ... but he didn't know what I knew!

Red chair after being repaired

So here's what I did ... I had a new piece of leather cut out for the seat cushion, then I colour matched it to the original red.

It was then taken to an upholsterer who fitted the new panel.

And here's the end result.

What do you think?

The owner was couldn't believe his eyes ... now he's a believer!

The Advantages Of Using My Service?

One of the biggest advantages of my repair service is the cost savings. Complete reupholstering or total replacement is very expensive, whereas, I can refurbish and rejuvenate for only a fraction of the cost of these.

The other benefit is the exact colour matching. It doesn't matter what colour your leather is, I can custom match to the original - perfectly!

Does Your Leather Need Attention?

Hopefully I've been able to prove that repairing and reconditioning damaged leather is a viable option. If you would like me to help, simply give me a call. Feel free, also, to send me some pictures and I'll take a look for you.