Leather repair and restoration specialist Paul Ford

Faded Leather Couches Recoloured To Original Black

These leather couches were sent to me by a client in Dunedin.

As you can see, they look really scruffy. This is a semi-aniline leather which, put simply, is a dyed leather with a light clear sealer over the top.

When new, these are soft and supple, more so than standard finshed leathers but the downside is, the dye will fade when exposed to sunlight ... which is the case here.

Here are some photos before I got started ....

faded outside back panels

The photo above and below show how much it's faded!

another shot of the outside back

The next 2 photos show what the seating area looks like before restoration work ...

faded seating area
a close up of the arms and seat cushion

And after working some magic, here's the result!

the finished outside back
the finished right-hand seating
the finished left-hand seating area
a photo taken from the end

My client was absolutely tickled pink when these arrived back home. Here's what she said ...

"I can't believe they are mine! They look better than when I first bought them and I can't stop looking at them! Thank you so much!"